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Being trained in Estate Management in New York City, I acquired not only high business acumen but impeccable standards, and strong work ethics. In 2013 our services began in Los Angeles where I felt the East Coast New York City mentality, and "bull dog" attitude to get things done, was desperately needed and severely lacking.


Do it right the first time, no slacking, have integrity, accept responsibility, clear communication, cultivate relationships with honesty, refrain from being a flake and following-up was the professionalism that seemed to be foreign to Los Angeles. Well, BULL DOG MANAGEMENT will help take your life back with one bite


We've incorporated Commercial Cleaning | Residential Cleaning to our Estate Management services, and have recently included Hoarding Specialists.


It is overwhelming enough to manage one's home, never mind after the death of a spouse, a parent, or illness has interfered with a person's ability to remain living at home. In Los Angeles, with minimal space in the design of Ranch homes built without basements, many have resulted in storing their personal property, beloved mementos or cherished keepsakes in every vacant spot around their home until...they are overrun with objects, and daily  life has become impossible to live.


Many adult children are now facing the obligation of aging parents, some are contending with hoarding situations that they aren't capable of handling on their own. Not only is it too personal and extremely emotional,  because those items are the fabric of who you were as a child, and an aspect of what your parent or parents have become.  To let go of their property...is to let go of life itself. No matter how bad it is in their living environment---it's still home.


The removing of personal property and collectables is a delicate, painstakingly timely process, where one has to choose between what is useless, special, or necessary. It's not an easy choice, but necessary in order to gain control over a living situation and a quality life. 

We empathize with families as we have had family members ourselves suffocated by 50, 70, and 90 years of saved items, keeping their home frozen in time and stagnant from the fresh winds of change. With patience, understanding and compassion...we can help you get through it.


Extreme organization and commitment is vital, and it may take months, but the rewards are great. It will undoubtedly be emotional, but also awakening, because you'll learn so much about your history and your parents that you never knew before. And in essence, that will help you in living a more fulfilling and peaceful life.

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